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We share healthy recipes, nutritional advice and fitness journeys to help inspire and motivate normal folk.

We’ve been around since 2013, but only recently carved out our own style and purpose in the blogging world; after trying and failing with so many food blog ideas. Add to these failures certain positive lifestyle changes, the blog started to become a greater tool than just for hosting food recipes from ourselves (Alan and John) and from some of the most talented bloggers from around the world.

Food Blogs isn’t just a place where you can find healthy food recipes and advice, it’s now a place where you can keep up with our fitness journeys, share your own and become a valued part of our foodie community.

Making chocolate brownies
Here’s Alan making chocolate brownies!

Find lots of recipes to help inspire you or get in touch with us to promote your own food blog by sharing a recipe, story or a piece of valuable advice!

See you around!


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