10 Food Blogs Taking 2016 by Storm

Dyslexic Cooking Mum

Each year, FoodBlogs UK will serve up 10 fresh food blogs to look out for in that year. 2016 is our first feature of 10 Food Blogs Taking ‘the year’ by Storm and we’re anxious to get started with the introductions.

One thing you should note with FoodBlogs UK is that the contributors to this blog share their
recipes, articles and reviews with us and you (the reader) absolutely free and so this is a great way for us to repay some of them with a huge thanks; whilst offering you an index of excellent food bloggers to check out in the process.

How we made the list?

The list is constructed through various sources. Making the ’10 Food Blogs Taking 2016 by Storm’ list means that the blogger was always friendly and helpful. So many bloggers out there quickly build a reputation for themselves and forget what it’s like to start from the ground up. At FoodBlogs UK, we love bloggers who are humble and never forget their roots.

Although humble and helpful certainly put you on the maybe list unfortunately, these two traits alone don’t guarantee you a spot in the top 10. It takes a promising food blogger with great enthusiasm for food to make the next stage of selection and whilst this still gives no guarantee of a seat at the table it certainly helps when narrowing down the list of promising foodies!

The final major contributing factor to making the list is originality. So many food bloggers cover topics that have been covered a million times and we love unique! So, without keep you waiting any longer here is part 1 to the…

10 Food Blogs Taking 2016 by Storm!

10 – Dyslexic Cooking Mum

Dyslexic Cooking Mum


Late last year we received a mention in a tweet regarding a cauliflower pizza. Crazy right? But, it was a recipe that I just couldn’t ignore.

When I followed the link, I ended up on a food blog labelled the Dyslexic Cooking Mum. Even though I had originally clicked the link for pizza ( as you do!) I was instantly greeted with a warm, welcoming blog which showed an honest and friendly approach which gave me no reason to disappear quickly. I was intrigued by it’s honesty, simplicity and the mistakes; yet forgiving to the fact that this food blogger was a trier and making no excuses.

If you like good honest food with a hint of real life to wash it down (including a bit of champagne and alcohol) then check out this fab food blog in 2016!


9 – Nirvana Cakery

Nirvana Cakery - food blogThe Nirvana Cakery food blog is pleasing in so many ways. The food looks finom (which is delicious in Hungarian… sorry I’m currently learning the language and just had too :)) and the photgraphs and writing are excellent.

Nirvana Cakery is a fantastic blog which caters for many and hosts lots of yummy cake recipes (obviously) but, it also remains diverse in it’s menu of tasty treats with gluten free options, wheat free recipes and superb ideas!

As an already up and coming food blog it may not exactly be an unknown but 2016 is certainly a year where this blog should really start to take off in our opinion! We stumbled upon Hana via Twitter and you can follow her blog here!


8 – Delightful Repast

Delightful RepastAs a past contributor to FoodBlogs UK, Jean at Delightful Repast has always been an ambassador of our work and always supported other foodies who have written for us.

In food blogging, it’s rare to find somebody who adds as much value as Delightful Repast; who takes the time to give constructive feedback and rewards her readers with some of the best recipes on the web! Our 10 food blogs taking 2016 by storm aren’t done in any particular order but if they were, Jean at Delightful Repast would be an easy top 3 candidate!

Check out this food blog for exceptional recipes, articles and imagery!


7 – The Fishwife’s Kitchen

The Fishwife's KitchenThere is nothing ‘fishy’ about The Fishwife’s Kitchen food blog… what?!?! ohhhh!!! Sorry, I’ve just noticed what I did there…

Hali-but, seriously… okay, okay I’ve fin-ished with the fish jokes!

This blog has made it into our 2016 feature list because it is an excellent example of different. And, different in a great way! It’s full of character and although I expected it to be swimming in fish recipes, it really does so much more with quality reviews, helpful advice and plenty of historical content to make you say whoa!

The former cafe owner and food business start-up mentor shares some really great foodie stuff here so be sure to check it out throughout 2016!


6 – The Hungarian Girl

The Hungarian Girl - Food BlogI recently visited Hungary and it’s a wonderful place with a great variety of delicious food and fantastic people. But, it was my first time to the country and before I left from Manchester, UK, I decided to seek out a bit of help from bloggers; one of which was The Hungarian Girl. Not only does this blog cater for the culture and travel aspects of Hungary but, in my opinion, she covers the food and drink here exceptionally and writes with such passion!

From Goulash to pastries and poppy seed, and wine, beer and Palinka; this food blog leaves nothing out and ensures you know exactly what to try should you ever visit this beautiful country! Lot’s of heart-warming food which is needed, believe me, when it’s -7°C outside and snowing!

Already growing in popularity, it’s interesting to see what this food blog will offer in 2016!


…Part 2 – Coming Soon!

5 – ???

4 – ???

3 – ???

2 – ???

1 – ???

Stay tuned for more!

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