Vegan Dark Chocolate Cookies With Soft Peanut Butter Cores

Have you ever heard of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? If so, you should be desperate to try this delicious recipe!  These cookies are highly recommendable; great fun, easy to make, have a short cooking time and are a dream to devour.

Vegan brethren, have no fear! For you can share the delights of this scrumptious combination of

Eating Seasonal | Healthy Soups

Eating Seasonal

This week I was prompted by 2 things for my blog entry 1) making the most of what’s in season and 2) it’s starting to get darn cold out there and I’m craving healthy, warming food!

November is a great time for

How To Prepare A Winter Vegetable Casserole

How To Prepare A Winter Vegetable Casserole

Preparing different types of delicious food is an art. Every people don’t have this talent. Some people learn to prepare varieties of dishes by reading books on recipes or by taking the help of internet.

With the winter season coming Winter Vegetable Casserole is the apt dish to be included in your daily

How to make Homemade Pizzas: Mozzarella & Funghi

How to make Homemade Pizzas: Mozzarella & Funghi Pizzas


This recipe is so easy and it’s so tasty. Pizza makes the best dinner any night of the week and is great fun to spend an afternoon in the kitchen making with your mates. I like to serve this pizza with some peppery rocket as it works really well with the woody mushrooms and the oozy cheese. After trying this recipe I guarantee you’ll never buy a ready-made pizza again!