Review: Eating Vegetarian In Central London | Restaurants & Cafes

Eating Vegetarian in Central London

There are times when some people in a group want to eat vegetarian, but not everyone in the group wants to do so. Everyone wants to have a good time and most people do not want to go to an all-vegetarian restaurant when eating out.

Here are some restaurants in Central London ranging from cafes and chain restaurants to Michelin star restaurants, including

Baked Plums with Honey Yoghurt | Recipe

Winter is certainly amongst us with the dark, dreary nights so here at Mumazine HQ we like nothing better than to combat the cold and warm up our plums! And it couldn’t be easier than with our Baked Plums with Honey Yoghurt recipe. This quick and easy

Meet The Foodamentalists

Guest post from Stevan Taylor of Cheshire-based gluten and wheat free bakery The Foodamentalists

It’s that time of year again when I freeze my bits off on market stalls across the North West to a soundtrack of Wizzard’s ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’. Yep, the Christmas markets circuit.

5 Great Alternatives To Christmas Dinner

5 Great Alternatives to Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner courtesy of
Christmas dinner courtesy of

Many people use Christmas dinner as a great opportunity to enjoy their favourite meal of the year. Turkey is considered the norm however recently, more so than ever, people have been experimenting more and more and often want to attempt something a little more adventurous for Christmas dinner. This can mean using different meats, looking overseas for inspiration or perhaps experimenting with a