A Students Guide To Healthy Cooking

At Food Blogs UK, we realise that it’s never easy being a student, having to balance your finances between booze and food. It can be especially difficult to eat healthily on a strict budget. As you know, your student loans don’t stretch very far and it’s sometimes easier to opt for buying cheaper and more convenient food, which is often processed and not at all beneficial to your health. Guest poster and friend of Food Blogs UK, Rik Hellewell, is here to show us all that there is

Gourmet Foods To Try Before You Die – Infographic

Everyone has a bucket list don’t they? Alexandra of Exclusive Villas has sent us in some great Gourmet foods to try before you die from around the world. Prices are in USD as the graphic was kindly crafted from

Bent N Bongs Beer Festival to celebrate 25th birthday

Famous North West Beer festival Bent N Bongs is set to celebrate a silver milestone as it turns 25 next week. The community festival, now famous around the whole area is organized by the Bent & Bongs Charitable Trust, in association with CAMRA. It will be held at the same venue since it’s inception in 1989, in Formby Hall from Thursday 30th January – Saturday 1st February.


Organisers say that last year the thousands of

Chef Sean Paul to host Charity Valentines Dinner

Dine with that special someone and help a good cause this Valentines Day


Valentines Day traditions have been around for thousands of years. It primarily served as a special day reserved for soul-mates to celebrate the joy and  happiness they bring to each other. Love can be expressed on this day in a variety of ways; whimsical gifts,  flowers, cards and romantic holidays in exotic places. One thing is certain, the 14th February is always filled with love so why not make a difference this year and treat your Valentine to a luxury meal in the aid of charity and extend your love to these very special and incredibly brave young souls.


Sean Paul Johnson – no, not the R & B star, but some may argue

A Glorious New Alternative for the Infamous American Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Recipe

A Glorious New Alternative for the Infamous American Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By: Amanda Pedrianes

The grilled cheese sandwich has been a staple part of the American diet for a very long time. It is renowned across the world as a wonderfully tasty treat in its many different forms but it’s the all-time American classic, consisting of beautifully buttered bread and delicious slices of cheese happily sizzling away on a skillet. The grilled cheese sandwich or ‘jack’, as it is sometimes known, is very quick and simple to prepare whilst also being incredibly appetising.