Spanish Chicken recipe…from Jessica

Spanish Chicken or pollo Español as it’s otherwise known is a delicious and easy dinner recipe. This week I’m re-visiting my Spanish roots with this recipe- Spanish is one of my favourite cuisines, I just love the smoky, spicy flavours and all the beautiful fresh and colourful flavours. This bake combines delicious Spanish spices and makes a ever so easy and really delicious dinner. Serve alongside a large crunchy fresh salad and a glass of white wine and you’ll be in food heaven. Food like this takes me

How Spices Improve Your Health

How spices improve your health


Spices are the dried seeds, fruits, roots, bark, or vegetative substance added to food in small portions. Spices help to destroy and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Aromatic plants are well-known to people since ancient times. Using spices with food, people constantly improve their knowledge about the properties and possibilities of spices. Spices are many-sided and hide many secrets. Some of them grow only in countries with a hot tropical climate; that is why spices are popular there; others are more forgiving and grow in different climatic conditions, sometimes reaching

A Yorkshire Pudding Recipe – Happy Yorkshire Pudding Day

Happy Yorkshire Pudding Day!

Dinner doesn’t always need to be complex to look impressive, and with less than an hour preparation and cooking time, the yorkshire pudding has been a traditional sunday staple for what seems like since forever in Britain.

It will be a table favourite for as long as time exists. Who doesn’t love the taste?

In that case it’s only fitting to share with you a

A Good Yorkshire Pudding Is A Fine Thing Indeed

Good morning and a happy Yorkshire Pudding Day to you. Here is the first of two articles by passionate foodie and all round wonderful guest blogger Sky Bendelow. The question is, how will you be having your Yorkshire pud today?


A good Yorkshire pudding is a very fine thing indeed; light and airy, crispy on the edges, its bottom drenched in a