A Piece Of Chocolate History & What It’s Missing

Strawberries dipped in chocolate

The history of chocolate is as simple and exciting as it is tasty. Since the late 1800s, chocolate has become an art form that has redefined how people enjoy their decadent desserts. For over 4,000 years cacao beans have been turned into a range of bitter to sweet enjoyments that have wrapped people in familiarity.

As the times began to change, so did the way chocolate was made. When chocolate was first brought over to Europe, it was only reserved for those who resided with the elite. The price range held high above humble folk until a Dutch chemist by the name of Coenraad Johannes van Houten invented the cocoa press in 1828. This is when chocolate’s history ended and its future began!

The cocoa press allowed for chocolate to be used in various ways that became more affordable to a wider range of people. With this new invention, chocolate soon reached the masses in a wave of joy and paved the way for the many chocolatiers.

Chocolatiers not only could mould and shape chocolate in new and exciting ways, but it also took the form of drinking chocolate with powders and syrups made from the same base. Chocolate connoisseurs soon turned it into a grand business idea for the new wave of chocolate lovers.

Strawberries dipped in chocolate
Image credit @cocoaooze (Instagram)

So, what is chocolate actually missing?

A dessert or simple splurge on chocolate is not only just reserved for one culture. Throughout history, chocolate has opened doors across the world for people to show their affection, adoration, and celebration. From holidays to milestones in life, the speciality of chocolate has become personal to millions.

In a competitive world of chocolate, there is still something that small businesses are choosing to capture. What chocolate often is missing is the personal nature of it as a gift. Small chocolate companies like Cocoa Ooze, are one such creative company that is reinventing how one looks and interacts with chocolate.

Celebration chocolates for a new home - congratulations
Image credit @cocoaooze (Instagram)

Chocolate should be a connection, a memory, and a gift. With careful attention to detail to the process, small businesses are able to add the personal touch that people have been craving. With monogramed chocolate, to celebratory shout outs, chocolate has become an inspiring way to connect in a world that often can feel isolated.

The question comes, how can you create a chocolate dessert that has the personal touch that you crave? What could possibly be the missing piece in the history of chocolate?

How to add that special something

In today’s age, everyone wants to know that they are appreciated. In a whirlwind of worldly comparisons, there is nothing more special than having a piece of chocolate that reflects how you care for someone. When creating your next chocolate dessert, think how you can create a new level of personable touch.

Add initials, names, or a greeting; adding words or images to desserts can help make your recipe legendary. From one chocolatier to another, find the personal touch to your recipe that will have your loved ones feeling special.

Chocolate has the power to change the world, once piece of appreciation at a time.

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