About Us

The Cogs Behind Food Blogs

Food Blogs is the brainchild of Boltonian bloggers John and Alan.

After realising so many blogs about food are out there, we decided to set up foodblogs.co.uk to help showcase and support those with good things to share about food, drink and everything in between.


Hip Hop master and SEO guru Alan, loves good old fashioned grub but is equally risky when it comes to sampling the most daring culinary spices on the market.

This adrenalin junkie loves downhill mountain biking almost as much as whipping up original, innovative taste sensation dishes to challenge and excite the palate.


DJ whizz kid and blogging aficionado John, enjoys nothing better than a Take-Away from his local Indian but, only to save on the washing up.

When he isn’t “getting the party started” and blogging into oblivion, he enjoys cooking traditional grub and trying new recipes.

What Next?

We hope you find this website to be a useful tool when thinking about your next dish. We want you to be confident when cooking, daring with your drinking and risky with your restaurant choices. If you would like to request a particular recipe, idea or simply send us an article, to help promote your writing skills, please get in contact with us today!

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