Organic Kids Snacks

You shouldn’t say “no” to your child when they ask you to buy him, or her, some candy or sweets. Just think of yourself when you were a child. Did you have all the chocolate you wanted? Or did you always wish for more? Either way it is, our little boys and girls will just keep being little boys and girls and insist on having it their way, so indulge them. Don’t worry, you can keep your kids snacks as healthy as they can be, and I bet you didn’t know that some of them are actually important for your Continue reading

FoodBlogs UK 2015

After a start up year and test run of the FoodBlogs UK website, we truly believe we have the capability of getting unknown food bloggers out there to a wider audience.

Over 10,000 views with extremely limited lady/man-power, and struggling against larger websites who pile money into their ads and marketing, here at FoodBlogs UK, we have always tried to give you Continue reading