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After a start up year and test run of the FoodBlogs UK website, we truly believe we have the capability of getting unknown food bloggers out there to a wider audience.

Over 10,000 views with extremely limited lady/man-power, and struggling against larger websites who pile money into their ads and marketing, here at FoodBlogs UK, we have always tried to give you

Bent N Bongs Beer Festival to celebrate 25th birthday

Famous North West Beer festival Bent N Bongs is set to celebrate a silver milestone as it turns 25 next week. The community festival, now famous around the whole area is organized by the Bent & Bongs Charitable Trust, in association with CAMRA. It will be held at the same venue since it’s inception in 1989, in Formby Hall from Thursday 30th January – Saturday 1st February.


Organisers say that last year the thousands of