Wine Basics – Wine Tasting Simplified

You may currently possess the opinion that wine is simply another alcoholic beverage that you either like or dislike. Alternatively, you might have a preference for rosé and a lack of appreciation for white. Wherever you stand with wine, it can help to learn the basics of wine tasting so that you can learn to organise all the

Best Little Dishes of Summer | Guest Post Recipes –

Summer is all about light bites and barbeques. When it starts to get hotter, spending too much time in the kitchen can be a drag; however, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Here are some quick and easy dishes that’ll be sure to put a yum in your tum!.

Chorizo and tomato salad

Nobody makes summer food like the

A Good Yorkshire Pudding Is A Fine Thing Indeed

Good morning and a happy Yorkshire Pudding Day to you. Here is the first of two articles by passionate foodie and all round wonderful guest blogger Sky Bendelow. The question is, how will you be having your Yorkshire pud today?


A good Yorkshire pudding is a very fine thing indeed; light and airy, crispy on the edges, its bottom drenched in a

Smoke Cooking In 2014

With the New Year in full swing, so many of us are desperately hanging on to those resolutions we made; healthy eating and more exercise. You know the drill.
To help you out, we have put together this handy guide on how to cook using a food smoker, along with a couple of recipes and some of the benefits of smoking your food to help get you prepared for those summer barbecues.

5 Great Alternatives To Christmas Dinner

5 Great Alternatives to Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner courtesy of
Christmas dinner courtesy of

Many people use Christmas dinner as a great opportunity to enjoy their favourite meal of the year. Turkey is considered the norm however recently, more so than ever, people have been experimenting more and more and often want to attempt something a little more adventurous for Christmas dinner. This can mean using different meats, looking overseas for inspiration or perhaps experimenting with a