A Little Taste of Home – Interactive Map for Cherished British Foods

A Little Taste of Home – Interactive Map for Cherished British Foods

Every culture has distinctive dishes that are only appreciated by natives. Sweden has surströmming; a fermented herring dish that’s a delicacy to locals but a stomach

Omega-3 Rich Calamari Recipe

Omega-3 Rich Calamari Recipe

Calamari is a squid. So if you rack your brain about how a strange named food has appeared in your menu then don’t think too much. It’s a squid really. It can be done or cooked in so many ways.

Aside from the delicious

4 Steps to Eating Out – The Paleo Way

So, you’ve been trying the Paleo diet for a week or so now, you’re a devoted Paleo diet foody and everything is going well, but you have a social event sneaking up and you are dreading it. How can you eat out and still eat Paleo? What about all those tempting cocktails, the bread basket or the dessert menu? Is it even possible to be on the Paleo diet and still have a

Spanish Chicken recipe…from Jessica

Spanish Chicken or pollo Español as it’s otherwise known is a delicious and easy dinner recipe. This week I’m re-visiting my Spanish roots with this recipe- Spanish is one of my favourite cuisines, I just love the smoky, spicy flavours and all the beautiful fresh and colourful flavours. This bake combines delicious Spanish spices and makes a ever so easy and really delicious dinner. Serve alongside a large crunchy fresh salad and a glass of white wine and you’ll be in food heaven. Food like this takes me

How Spices Improve Your Health

How spices improve your health


Spices are the dried seeds, fruits, roots, bark, or vegetative substance added to food in small portions. Spices help to destroy and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Aromatic plants are well-known to people since ancient times. Using spices with food, people constantly improve their knowledge about the properties and possibilities of spices. Spices are many-sided and hide many secrets. Some of them grow only in countries with a hot tropical climate; that is why spices are popular there; others are more forgiving and grow in different climatic conditions, sometimes reaching