Benito’s Hat Break Britain’s Biggest Ever Burrito Record

biggest burrito ever

What’s longer than a tennis court, the same length as a blue whale and taller than the Tower of London?

Believe it or not it’s Britain’s biggest ever burrito on record, constructed by Mexican restaurant group Benito’s Hat which when crafted yesterday sat at a whopping 100ft long!

Benito’s Hat was founded in 2008, by Ben Fordham and Felipe Fuentes Cruz, and currently operates four Mexican restaurants in London. They are located at Oxford Circus, Goodge Street, Kings Cross, Covent Garden and Farringdon.

burrito being built

It was built to raise funds for humanitarian organisation Action Against Hunger on World Food Day, fans of Mexican food were invited to gather at King’s Cross Square, in London, to witness history being made. 20 Benito’s Hat team members were needed to build the colossal wrap, orchestrated by Pueblan-born head chef Felipe Fuentes Cruz, a task which took 10 hours to complete.

rolling burrito

This burrito was made up of the best selling chicken variety (including a veggie section) made in the four Benito’s Hat stores every day. The super-sized version included a huge weight of over 45kg of ingredients including:

150 tortillas

17kg chicken

8kg of fresh tomatoes

5.5kg of tomatillos

and 1kg of coriander!

Upon completions sections of the monster burrito were served up to hungry onlookers who made a suggested donation to Action Against Hunger – a leading organisation committed to ending child hunger and malnutrition.

Lady Eating Benito's Hat Burrito

Interestingly, Power for the record-breaking event was generated by Pavegen. This was through specially-created paving slabs which generate energy as people walk over them. Surprisingly, each step can generate up to 7 joules of energy. Here’s a staggering fact 300,000 people walk through Kings Cross (the location of the burrito creation) each day, and if each person stepped on 6 Pavegen units just once that would amount to 3.5Kwh which could fully charge 3,500 Ipads. Green enough for you?

Benito’s Hat first broke the record for the biggest burrito in the UK back in 2011, by creating a worthy 65 feet effort. However this was beaten in 2012 by burrito builders in Bristol, who constructed their own 77 foot long beast. Yesterday was a strong reclamation of their record, smashing the record by another 23 feet. The picture just has to be this big in order to appreciate the scale.

biggest burrito ever in the UK

Restaurant Fundraising for Action Against Hunger Adam Lawrence commented:

“We are delighted that Benito’s Hat have chosen to support Action Against Hunger and mark World Food Day with Britain’s Biggest Burrito!

All funds raised will go a long way to supporting our life-saving work fighting child hunger around the world and helping families to access food and clean water for the future.”

Felipe added:

“It was a real challenge but with the help of all the Benito’s Hat team and the support from the crowd cheering us on we managed to break the record and raise lots of money for charity in the process!”

On behalf of Food Blogs, we’d like to congratulate Benito’s Hat for this culinary record breaking effort for a good cause.

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