You Can’t Beat A Bit Of Beet

This world-beater contribution has been submitted to us by Paul Ashton, a professional chef with roots based in Bolton. Since then he’s been a head chef at the Olympic Games, worked in “6 star cruise liner” kitchens, 2 rosetta restaurants and the like. He’s now plying his culinary trade for the wealthy, and hungry, in Dubai, excited for the opening of two restaurants.


“Being a northern lad, I’m not usually a fan of sparsely portioned food.  I usually enjoy big portions of  meaty home-cooked food!  However, they say you can’t knock it until you have tried it, so I came up with this recipe, “You can’t beat a bit of beet”.


Beetroot, Stilton, Blue Cheese Mousse
Beetroot / Stilton / Blue Cheese Mousse


1 medium sized raw beetroot

70g Blue cheese (I used stilton, but any strong blue cheese will do)

50ml whipping cream

1 spoon of crème fraiche

(1 blood orange)

Chives to garnish

Salt and pepper



Get a pan of water on the stove, throw in a generous amount of salt and bring to the boil.

Put in the beetroot (whole) and cook for about 25 minutes, ensuring it’s cooked all the way through – I usually poke it with a fork to see if its gone soft.

*( Note cooking the beet whole helps to retain it’s juices and colour)

Remove the beetroot from the water and set to one side to cool.

Now get half of your blue cheese, your crème fraiche, whipping cream, salt and pepper and blend together with a stick blender, to make a very quick and simple blue cheese mousse.  Throw in a piping bag and leave in the fridge to firm up.

Peel and dice your now cooled beetroot and present on the plate.

Crumble on a little blue cheese and  put a few blobs of blue cheese mousse about here and there.

Tip* Why not try adding a few segments of blood orange? This could really set this dish off.

I Found the different textures of this dish to be really exciting to eat and the flavours to be really well balanced.  I would recommend it to anyone, haha! Maybe this northern lad is a changed man…

Thanks for the article Paul Ashton, if you like what you read here then why not check out his Full Of Grub Blog?

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