FoodBlogs UK 2015

After a start up year and test run of the FoodBlogs UK website, we truly believe we have the capability of getting unknown food bloggers out there to a wider audience.

Over 10,000 views with extremely limited lady/man-power, and struggling against larger websites who pile money into their ads and marketing, here at FoodBlogs UK, we have always tried to give you the best that we’ve had to offer.

This is where you come in…

Without talented bloggers, chefs, restaurant owners and the general public then we have nothing to share with the world. Don’t take for granted a simple recipe which somebody else might never have heard of or tried. Your creative write up can really help someone get into cooking or gain the confidence to try something new.

By the time 2015 is upon us and we’re stuffed from all that turkey, FoodBlogs UK will be a buzzing community of cuisine lovers from across the globe. A place where you’re free to share your recipe, steal everybody else’s ideas or, be greedy and do both!

Tailor FoodBlogs UK to you!

We want to hear from you with some ideas for the blog. We’re planning a serious overhaul and have strengthened the team with a few extra pair of hands. We want a premier section where recommended bloggers can login and post their recipes, share their blog feed and more. We want ideas from readers, just as much as we’d like to hear from bloggers so, if the text is to small or the pictures are too grainy send us an email. We’re looking to credit great ideas, great recipes and most of all, great people for their contributions.

We want regular competitions and prizes for star posts. FoodBlogs UK can become a great place to show off your skills, if that’s your bag of course, or learn new skills. This blog has been setup by crap cooks because we wanted to see what real people had to offer.

Too many cooks…

If your guest post, recipe or review isn’t accepted for this blog it is usually because you haven’t read our guidelines. If you’re writing purely for a link then please don’t bother sending us anything, this food blog is for real bloggers with proper food and drink stuff to talk about.

Apart from that

Come and join in with us soon. See you around!

Best dishes.. oops sorry, wishes 🙂

FoodBlogs UK Team

p.s. Food Blogs 2015 updates coming soon,,, join our mailing list for more information!

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