How to Keep Your Fruit and Veg Fresh in Summer

Well guys, summer is almost here! Woohoo

The only downside to hotter, sunnier months… fruit and veg tends to ripen way too quickly, so you’ll constantly be creating food wastage unless you follow these handy tricks to keep them fresher for longer.

Here you’ll find 5 totally simple ways you can enjoy fresh fruit and veg this summer and reduce the amount you find yourself throwing away.

1. Moisture and Temperature Control

The first one is boring and unimaginative – but having a moisture control salad crisper will keep your fruit and veg at a perfect temperature and moisture level throughout storage. These handy compartments can be found in many modern refrigerators, giving you perfect fruit and veg, for longer.

I am even going to go as far as saying your tomatoes are fine to keep in the fridge with this technology. Yep, no more soggy tomatoes.

Keeping tomatoes fresh in the fridge
Be cool and keep them fresh! Image credit:

You could go and freezer your veg, but why risk wasting nutrients? Livestrong believe vitamin C reduces up to 75% after a week of being stored in the freezer (I can feel the scurvy already).

2. You’ve got to bag it up

No, we are not singing along to Blackstreet… We are talking about your leafy Greens.

keeping veg fresh in bags
A breath of fresh air! Image credit:

So, get your Kale, Broccoli, spinach and even some Swiss Chard. Put them into a freezer bag (wait… don’t you dare freeze them). But before you do, take the bag and blow into it and out several times, then put the veg in with a little air. Once you’ve done that, fasten the bag.

What is this witchcraft and why am I blowing into a bag like a hyperventilating asthmatic?!

The breaths into the bag increases the amount of carbon dioxide inside. This carbon dioxide will help keep these green leafys fresher for longer. Current research believes that air containing 15% carbon dioxide can increase the ‘shelf life’ of leafy greens by up to 8 days.

3. Is there an onion in your sock?

This one will be fairly well known to a few of you… For the others, yes, it’s getting weird.

how to keep onions fresher for longer
Don’t cry over wasted onions! Image credit:

You simply grab a pair of sheer tights (pantyhose) and put your onions inside. The trick here is to tie a knot in between each onion, so you separate each one individually.

This is thought to help store onions fresh for several months – the reasoning is because the panty hose keep the onion in the dark. But they are also thin enough to allow air in and out which keeps the moisture for the onion almost perfect – who knew!

If you’re not willing to waste a pair of tights, or if you’re not a sailor (not a fan of knots) you could do this in another way. You can put your onions in a paper bag and put a few holes into the bag. The bag should be stored in a cool, dry and dark cupboard, this helps keep the onions for longer.

4. The key is in the wrapping

There are some fruits and veg which love to be wrapped up!

Tip 4 is going to show you how to wrap it up…

Celery – this is an ‘ol’-wives’ trick. Wrap the celery in some aluminium foil (tightly) and you will find your celery last for 3-4 weeks. If anyone of you reading this has heard ‘Alzheimer’s’ with this technique, please read the research, it’s not true.

Avocado & grape – these two love to be kept in a plastic bag – which is sealed and air-tight. The key with keeping avocado fresh is that it must be ripe.

keeping citrus fruits fresh wrapped up
Don’t be bitter about wasting food! Image credit:

The citrus lot – grapefruit, lemons and limes should be kept in a mesh bag inside the crisper drawer too! So, don’t be so hasty to get them out of their bag when you get them home.

5. It’s just so obvious…

The last one on our list is a neat little trick with your root-y veg (carrots, beetroots, radishes and turnips). This trick is obvious when you think of how the root veg grow. How’s that Mr Alan Titchmarsh?

Keeping carrots fresh in water
Seeing freshness in the dark! Image credit:

By being covered in water, in a cool place…

So, get yourself a container with a lid. Place your root veg into it (it would be best to keep each type separate, but this isn’t a necessity), and pour water into the container. You want to almost cover the full container with the water.

If you are keen, change the water in the container every couple of days.


There are loads of ways you can keep your fruit and veg fresh; the 5 today are by no means the only ways. There are also a lot of fruit and veg not even covered here too! If you have any great suggestions that you want to share with us, please give us a shout in the comments section below! After all, sharing is caring.

Now let’s put the summer and fruit to use… It must be Pimms O’clock somewhere.

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