How To Write A Restaurant Review In 5 Easy Steps

How to write a restaurant review in 5 easy steps

This article is here to teach you how to write a good review of a restaurant, below you will find some tips on how to write one that other people will find useful if you’re looking to be a blogger. A decent review will describe the atmosphere, the service, the food, who you think would enjoy the restaurant and on what occasions as well as ending with a summary. You may also wish to end the review giving a personal rating and whether you would plan a return visit yourself.

Along with this article, another good tool for learning how to write a good review is Wiki How, on which you should be able to find some other useful guides.

1.When to Write the Review

Firstly, you should write the review as soon as you can after leaving the restaurant so that the whole experience is fresh in your mind – you don’t want to leave out bits and pieces of information. Ideally, you should begin writing it as soon as you get home or start travelling. If you are getting the train home, it may be a good idea to jot some things down in a notebook. You want to make sure that your readers get the whole story of your experience and not partial.

2. Be Descriptive

Make sure that when you are telling the story of your experience that you give details. Describe the food you were eating, what the atmosphere was like, what the service was like and whether the place looked clean or not. Details like this will allow your reader to get a better picture of the restaurant and whether it is their type of place to enjoy a meal out.

If you would like to read some good examples on how to write a descriptive review, you will be able to find some on Trip Advisor.

3. Focus on the Food

The emphasis of the review should be on the food, after all you are reviewing a restaurant. While your readers will want to hear about other details too they are mainly reading the review to find out what the food was like. You can often forgive other smaller details but whether or not the food was up to scratch is the deal breaker.

writing a restaurant review - focus on the food

When talking about the food describe what you ate, whether you liked it or not, why, portion sizes and presentation (if that’s important).

4. Proofread

You should always go back and proofread your review from the point of view of someone who has never been to that restaurant before. Ask yourself whether you would find the review useful or not, and if not go back and make changes.

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5. Tell a Story

When you are writing your review, it should almost be like you are telling a story, it should always have a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning should outline why you are there, whether it is an occasion, the location of the restaurant, what the decorations like and describe the atmosphere.

The middle of the review is where you should talk about the food and service more in-depth. Was the food impressive? Was it the same as everywhere else locally or did the restaurant offer something completely different?

At the end of your review is where you should then sum up your experience dining at the restaurant and try to sum it up within a few sentences.

Written by Rachel Summers – Rachel is a guest blogger here at FoodBlogs UK and loves visiting new restaurants and writing reviews about them.

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