Napa Valley Wine Region: A Full Body Experience

Glass of White Wine in Napa Valley

The drive through Napa is gorgeous! You can see grape trees growing for miles as you pass vineyard after vineyard along Highway 121 and feast your eyes as everywhere you look, there are unbelievable views.

Napa Valley Balcony View

You will find an endless supply of wine and wine tasting experiences here. There are hundreds of wineries to choose from, and who doesn’t love the sound of an endless supply of wine?

Wine Table Napa Valley

Each winery has its own style and architecture. Aside from wine tasting, you can find a delightful plethora of tours where you can explore these exquisite vineyards and learn how American wine is made.

Napa Valley Winery

You can shop until you drop! Some vineyards sell their wines exclusively at the wineries themselves so you’d be able to buy wines that cannot be found anywhere else and impress your friends at the next dinner party. You can buy original olive oils, vinegars, spices, and sometimes body products such as lotions and soaps that are freshly produced on site as well.

Napa Valley Wine Store

There is some amazingly delicious cuisine in Napa. The dining experiences include anything from sandwiches to seafood, all of course paired with the perfect wine and lots of it!

Glass of White Wine in Napa Valley

It is possible to take a nice trip to California all year round. The weather does get a bit chilly throughout the winter months, as expected, but it is still always beautiful and sunny. Don’t let me put you off going in the winter, as it’s special in its own way, equally as beautiful and during the colder months, you won’t have to deal with anywhere near as large of a crowd. If you want to see the vineyards in their full glory, it’s best to visit during the summer because you’ll have the opportunity to see the grape trees producing.

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