Succulent Salmon And Chorizo Cooked In Tin Foil

succulent salmon and chorizo baked in tin foil

You can cook salmon in a variety of ways, but baking salmon with chorizo wrapped in tin foil (aluminium foil) is probably my favourite. First of all the salmon and chorizo come out of the oven so tender and tasty, plus I’m a lazy cook so I like easy recipes, but this cooking method for salmon is also very quick too.

When you cook salmon in foil it literally takes about 5 minutes prep time and although the fish will require 25-30 minutes cooking time, it leaves you free to wash the dishes, watch your favourite program or even write a blog about it; which is what I’m doing right now.

What you’ll need to cook succulent salmon and chorizo in foil

First of all, you’ll need a baking tray (I prefer a baking sheet which is a thin baking tray), tin foil and a knife.

salmon and chorizo preparation
Getting all your ingredients together


  • Salmon Fillets
  • Chorizo
  • 1 small red onion
  • Olive oil
  • Ground black pepper
  • Garlic Granules
  • Dill

Salmon and Chorizo Recipe

  1. Start by pre-heating your oven to 200°c (400°f). I also like to cook whilst I listen to music or a podcast so feel free to do the same.
  2. Now take some tin foil and tear off enough as to cover the baking tray but also overlap the edges as you’ll want to wrap the salmon into a parcel. Ensure there is enough overhang as to wrap over the salmon when you’re ready.
  3. Take your olive oil and drizzle generously onto the tin foil. This will help the salmon cook within it’s juices as well as stop it from sticking and becoming dry.

    preparing tin foil for salmon and chorizo
    Prep the tin foil for the salmon
  4. Now it’s time to prepare your salmon fillets. Gently flop them onto the the foil with the skin side facing down toward the tin foil. Sprinkle on some ground black pepper (I love this stuff so I get a little reckless with the amounts here), but the amount is totally up to you. If you’ve never really tried black pepper with your cooking then just use this sparingly to start with and add more later if you like.
  5. Now sprinkle over some garlic granules. Again this is personal preference but give it a good sprinkle. Be aware though that too much may take away from the succulent flavours of the salmon.
  6. Cover the top side of the salmon with a tasty amount of dill. Dill is perfect for fish in general but works absolute wonders with salmon; especially when it’s baked in foil.
  7. Now you can chop your red onion into either thick chunks or dice it finely. The same goes for the chorizo too. One trick here is to not cover the top of the fish too heavily with onion and chorizo as this can prevent the heat from getting to the fish. Instead, dash both ingredients around the whole of the salmon as to get an even coverage of both parties and it shouldn’t matter if a few bits end up on top of the fish here – in fact, make sure a few do for extra taste).

    chop the red onion
    Start chopping the red onion and try not to cry like a baby!
  8. That’s it the prep is pretty much done. The final step is to wrap the fish into a parcel folding the sides of the tin foil over the salmon and then finally the front and back of the foil over to create a parcel. This should help the juices stay in to ensure a very tender and tasty salmon and chorizo dish.
  9. Your oven should be at temperature now so check that it has and if so, place your baking tray on the middle shelf and set the timer to 25 minutes (for 2 salmon fillets) or give it an extra 5 minutes for 3 – 4 salmon fillets.

Once the salmon and chorizo has finished cooking

Carefully remove the baking tray from the oven using oven gloves (It’s gonna be hot) and place it on top of your oven. Carefully unwrap the parcel – be careful of hot steam – and then test that the fish is cooked properly by prodding the surface with a knife or fork. When salmon is cooked in foil it should be a nice pale pink colour and tender yet firm – if it is jelly-like or just seems a bit underdone then don’t be afraid to give it 5 more minutes. Safety first!

salmon and chorizo baked in tin foil
Baked to perfection

Once the salmon is done you can serve it. I like to accompany mine with steamed vegetables or brown rice. If you fancy fries then this is also recommended to.

salmon and chorizo served on a plate
Salmon fillet and chorizo served up with fries

That’s it! If you enjoyed this salmon cooked in tin foil recipe then please let us know in the comments section and if you have a tasty way of cooking salmon then please share it with us via email!

Bon Appétit!

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2 thoughts on “Succulent Salmon And Chorizo Cooked In Tin Foil”

  1. A great simple dish. Ever since becoming vegetarian I haven’t been able to resist salmon so unfortunately the chorizo will have to go but I’m sure I can find something decently flavoured enough to add that extra kick that’s needed to the fish. Throwing in some spices should do the trick, and I’ve always got plenty of those to hand!

    1. Awww what a shame you can’t get the taste of chorizo! Personally, I’m addicted 🙂

      You know, I’ve never tried paprika with salmon but I actually might try it one day – not sure if this is worth a try on your side? I believe you can get both spicy and normal paprika!


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