A Piece Of Chocolate History & What It’s Missing

The history of chocolate is as simple and exciting as it is tasty. Since the late 1800s, chocolate has become an art form that has redefined how people enjoy their decadent desserts. For over 4,000

Easy Chocolate Brownies With Crushed Cadbury Fingers

Chocolate Brownies are as easy to make as they are tasty! That’s very easy indeed! I’m a total novice when it comes to baking and trust me, if I can bake chocolate brownies effortlessly then I know that you can too! Chocolate Brownies never

Organic Kids Snacks

You shouldn’t say “no” to your child when they ask you to buy him, or her, some candy or sweets. Just think of yourself when you were a child. Did you have all the chocolate you wanted? Or did you always wish for more? Either way it is, our little boys and girls will just keep being little boys and girls and insist on having it their way, so indulge them. Don’t worry, you can keep your kids snacks as healthy as they can be, and I bet you didn’t know that some of them are actually important for your

Vegan Dark Chocolate Cookies With Soft Peanut Butter Cores

Have you ever heard of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? If so, you should be desperate to try this delicious recipe!  These cookies are highly recommendable; great fun, easy to make, have a short cooking time and are a dream to devour.

Vegan brethren, have no fear! For you can share the delights of this scrumptious combination of