Restaurant Spotlight

The competition for customers within the restaurant industry can sometimes feel like a dog eat dog world. Lots of people love using websites like TripAdvisor, Yell or other websites with reviews and feedback. The problem with these sites is more competition!!!

Getting noticed…

Restaurant Spotlight is a new initiative by FoodBlogs UK. You can showcase your restaurant and all it has to offer without limitations on images, image sizes, content and upcoming events. It’s in its early stages but, don’t let that stop you reserving your interest as we expect a high demand and we’re only a small team.


Image of lights in a restuarant


As a restaurant featured within this exclusive section, you can choose to promote anything you like regarding your restaurant. We love diversity and all restaurants are welcomed to join the Spotlight.

Register your restaurant now…

To register your interest and to find out more details, please use our contact form and tell us why your restaurant should be one of the first 5 free featured eateries to be showcased!

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