Top 5 Restaurants To Look Out For In Manchester, UK

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Manchester is continuing to grow quicker by the year and with many businesses moving to Manchester, the city has never been so vibrant. With restaurants opening and closing every day, it can be difficult to truly get excited about them, especially when they simply come and go. To help guide you through the process of choosing great genuine restaurants, we’ve listed 5 top restaurants to get you excited!

1. Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen is a different restaurant compared to the rest of the features on this list, as Shoryu is a Japanese restaurant. It has recently found its home in Manchester’s own Piccadilly Gardens and has continued to thrive off such an exclusive location. The launch of the restaurant was a parade and Carl Austin-Behan, also known as the Lord Mayor of Manchester, was there to celebrate it alongside the public! If you’re looking for a balance of taste-bud tingling food and a combination of fresh and cooked food, Shoryu Ramen is exactly what you’re looking for!

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2. The Refinery

When it comes to classic and traditional food, The Refinery is exactly what you should aiming for. Based in the heart of Spinningfields, people automatically assume that the bar is a typical ‘Spinningfields bar’, however, The Refinery by Drake and Morgan offers competitive prices. Compared to the likes of The Alchemist, Neighbourhood and Manchester House, The Refinery offer exclusive food and drinks for a fraction of the prices. They may specialise in cocktails, but The Refinery is an all-round place to eat, drink and have some fun!

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3. Suri

With a Middle East and Mediterranean ideology behind their food, Suri has become a popular, yet unique option for the Manchester people. With the choice to have both food and drinks, Suri take their Mediterranean and Middle Eastern twists to both, with blends of ginger beer, Saffron Royale and Bombay Sapphire based cocktails! For those with a taste for something exotic, Suri is what you’ll need!

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4. V Rev

The vegan movement has taken the world by storm, with many people becoming absorbed by the animal-friendly, healthier and more organic lifestyle. V Rev, which was known as V Revolution, is an animal-friendly, vegan restaurant that has expanded from a little café, into a restaurant based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The idea behind the restaurant was to have an animal-friendly, fast food restaurant, in which they quickly established. They’ve even taken the same approach with their drinks (dairy free and vegan cocktails!) which highlights their dedication to the movement.

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5. Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee is a special place for all those breakfast lovers. As it has remained under the radar, Moose Coffee has continued to excel in the breakfast department. Moose Coffee remain a hangover’s best friend, but it gives you the option to have a side order or a tasty breakfast should you want too!

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This article was written by guest blogger Roman! He loves eating out and trying new restaurants around the country!

Top 5 Restaurants To Look Out For In Manchester, UK
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Top 5 Restaurants To Look Out For In Manchester, UK
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