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In my recent quest for a healthier life I’ve found myself mixing a wide variety of fitness activities from running to callisthenics, and a handful of others in between; spinning and mountain climbing to name just a few. The majority of my training is done in the morning, so when my energy levels aren’t at my best, I often wonder whether I’m eating the right breakfast.

I’m not a health freak, by any stretch of the imagination, however I do consider myself careful with what I eat. With this in mind, I regularly find myself questioning what I should eat for breakfast in order to get the best from my workouts. It led me to the question, “what do athletes eat for breakfast?”

I love Instagram. I’m really impressed by the variety of niches out there. I like sharing food photographs of the things I cook and engaging with other users via comments. but more recently, I’ve started to share my fitness videos too. This has led me to speaking with other athletes and fitness lovers on the platform, often asking for tips and advice for my own workouts and nutrition.

After following some really great people on Instagram and finding daily inspiration from them, I found myself wanting to ask them – how do they get their energy in a morning? I eventually sent a few of these fab Instagram fitness folk a message with the question ‘What do you eat for breakfast?’. Surprisingly, pretty much everyone I asked came back to me.

Read the full article or find a specific athlete’s breakfast from the menu below.

What does a personal trainer eat for breakfast?
What does a martial artist eat for breakfast?
What does a powerlifter eat for breakfast?
What does a parkour athlete eat for breakfast?
What does a calisthenics athlete eat for breakfast?
What does a calisthenics athlete eat for breakfast (2)?
What does a long distance runner eat for breakfast?
What does a climber eat for breakfast?

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So, what do athletes eat for their breakfast? Let’s find out!

What does a personal trainer eat for breakfast?

Carrie is a personal trainer from Hong Kong. She does flexi-strength training and is a vegan body weight trainer. You can find her on Instagram where she posts interesting training videos @HongKong_Personal_Trainer

Carrie prefers to start her morning with Cinnamon Tea, but this one has a twist. The Cinnamon Tea is mixed with Chia seeds and Manuka honey. Other mornings she also enjoys almond milk with mueslis and cinnamon and apple cubes.

You can also find out more about her on her website – www.honkongpersonaltrainer.com.hk

Cinnamon Tea with Manuka Honey and Chia Seeds

This is a very quick and healthy breakfast and takes very little time to prepare. It’s also sweet tasting due to the cinnamon!

Cinnamon Tea with Manuka Honey and Chia Seeds
Carrie’s Cinnamon Tea with Manuka Honey and Chia Seeds

The Cinnamon tea takes around 3-5 minutes to prepare. Once that’s done you can add little bit of Manuka honey and the Chia seeds.

Tip – Use milled Chia seeds as this is much quicker. If you don’t have milled chia seeds then you will need to soak your Chia seeds over night!

What does a martial arts person eat for breakfast?

Not only does Marine work hard as a mum every day, but she also finds time to do karate; Kyokushin karate to be exact. It’s important to her that she starts her morning by eating a breakfast that will give her the energy she needs for karate and weight lifting; which she also loves doing!

Marine usually eats oatmeal for breakfast; adding different ingredients to keep things varied such as berries or fruit. She tries to keep it different everyday so other ingredients include nut paste, coconut oil, dry fruits, honey and a variety of seeds; pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds being a couple of her favourites, but she also likes chia seeds and sesame seeds too.

You can follow Marine on Instagram @marine.might to keep up to date with her fitness!

Porridge With Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Honey

Porridge and seeds with honey is another quick and easy breakfast which is perfect for athletes!

martial arts breakfast porridge pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds and honey
Marine’s Porridge Oats with Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Honey

Porridge takes just a few minutes preparation and cooking in the morning especially if it is done in a microwave. If you prefer to make your porridge on the hob then add an extra 5 minutes or so.

Once it is done add 25g of pumpkin seeds and 25g of sunflower seeds. Finally, drizzle over a little honey and stir it in for an even distribution.

What does a powerlifter eat for breakfast?

Elliot is a powerlifter from Bournemouth and needs a breakfast which contains protein and carbs. Protein is needed after sleeping and the carbs keep him going until his next meal.

He starts his day with a bowl of protein porridge which consists of oats (obviously), whey, milk and banana. Sometimes he’ll add granola for added energy. This is then washed down by a cup of coffee and the occasional glass of orange juice. You can follow Elliot on Instagram @ellslifts

Protein Porridge with Granola and Banana

This breakfast is great for giving you energy in a morning, especially if you’re lifting heavy weights, but it can also be used if you’re dieting. This is because it will make you feel fuller for longer.

Protein Porridge with Granola and Banana
Elliot’s Protein Porridge with Granola and Banana

A powerlifter’s breakfast is quick and easy; requiring very little time, effort and cost to make.

Make your porridge as normal either using a microwave or hob. Once it’s cooked add a scoop of whey powder and mix it in thoroughly. Next add some granola and then slice up half a banana, or a full one, depending on how much you want to eat.

What does a parkour athlete eat for breakfast?

Tim Champion isn’t just a parkour athlete, he’s also known for being a pro ninja and NAPC 5 Skill champion! He has countless videos on Instagram and YouTube showing off his amazing skills! Make sure to follow him @tim_champion

Tim admitted that his breakfast is probably ‘nut’ the best way to start the day; A toasted bagel with peanut butter. It’s packed with fat carbs and protein which help keep him going!

Toasted Bagel with Peanut Butter and Banana

Toasted Bagel with Peanut Butter and Banana tim champion parkour athlete breakfast
Tim Champion’s toasted bagel, peanut butter and banana breakfast

If all parkour athletes eat this for breakfast then it’s safe to say that a parkour athlete’s breakfast is the simplest to make!

Simply toast your bagel the way you love it. When it’s done spread a healthy dollop of peanut butter on each slice and then add fresh slices of banana.

What does a calisthenics athlete eat for breakfast?

Ollie, better known as Move Strong London, is a personal trainer, calisthenics coach and an Animal Flow instructor. You can find him moving strong on Instagram as he shares lots of awesome pictures and videos of his training; as well as some fun stuff too! @move_strong_london

He starts most days with a banana, some berries; usually blueberries and blackberries, but it can vary, which is mixed into porridge. He uses full fat milk and adds seeds as well as a generous portion of cinnamon.

Another favourite is full fat – protein Greek yoghurt with banana, honey, a spoonful of peanut butter and yes, you guessed it, cinnamon; he loves cinnamon!

Porridge made with Almond Milk, Banana, Berries, Almonds and Vanilla Whey

 Almond Milk Porridge with banana, berries, almonds, cinnamon and vanilla whey - calisthenics athlete's breakfast
Ollie’s Almond Milk Porridge with banana, berries, almonds, vanilla whey and cinnamon

This cinnamon-loving, calisthenics coach also drinks a large glass of water and a cup of coffee, or two, actually make that three (spaced throughout the morning of course). Ollie explained the importance of starting his day with good healthy fats; nuts and seeds as well as protein in the form of full fat or Greek yoghurt. There are carbs in this breakfast, but they’re not the heavy type found in most cereals and the oats are a fantastic source of slow release energy. The fruits help provide much needed nutrients and release energy quickly to help with the first part of the day.

Mix your banana, almonds, strawberries and blueberries in the pan along with your porridge made with almond milk and cook it. Once it’s done add a scoop of vanilla whey and hey presto – it’s done – oh wait, not without a dash of cinnamon it’s not! Ollie said he went a bit overboard on it in this pic, but it’s fine if you love it!

And another calisthenics athlete’s breakfast…

Tanja is a personal trainer and calisthenics instructor from Slovenia. She regularly posts great training videos to Instagram as well as her YouTube channel. You can follow her @tanja321 where she also offers online coaching.

She likes to eat omelette for breakfast. Typically omelette with onions, carrots, adding other vegetables as she feels like it. Finally, Tanja tops off her omelette with cayenne pepper; purely for the love of the taste! Tanja explained that omelette helps her stick to avoiding bread as the eggs make her feel like she doesn’t need it.

Omelette with Onions, Carrots and Zucchini with Cayenne Pepper

omelette with onions, carrots and zucchini - calisthenics breakfast
Tanja’s omelette with onions, carrots and zucchini

Tanja prefers an omelette for breakfast because the eggs provide her with an excellent source of protein. The vegetables not only help the omelette taste fantastic but they also offer essential healthy carbs.

Whisk up 2-3 eggs in a bowl and (optional) add a pinch of ground black pepper and garlic granules. Dice up some zucchini, onions and carrots.

Heat up a frying pan and add some oil – I prefer coconut oil or avocado oil. Add your vegetables to the pan and lightly fry. Then pour in the eggs and keep moving around the egg occasionally; going from the outside inwards with your spatula, to help the omelette cook evenly without burning.

Once done add your cayenne pepper – this stuff can be hot so if your not a fan of spices then you can skip this step and if you’re trying for the first time then go easy on the amount and add more if you think you can handle it.

What does a long distance runner eat for breakfast?

Niklas is a runner, but no ordinary runner; he specialises in long distance running including 100 mile runs. He posts incredible images on Instagram of awesome locations for his running. You can follow him @nikkehoven

On runs between 5km and 50km Niklas prefers to start his morning with a cup of coffee and a tablespoon of coconut oil or peanut butter. He takes gels with him, or white bread and nut butter, which he can have whilst running if needed. If the run is long like 50km then Niklas takes his coffee pot with him and some snacks.

After the run is when he tends to eat a lot of food. Niklas told me he basically eats everything from chicken to meats and vegetables. He also likes to have eggs and pasta; and if it’s a weekend run then he may just enjoy a beer afterwards too!

Cheese on Toast with Jam and Eggs

cheese on toast with jam plus 3 boiled eggs and coffee
Niklas’ cheese on toast with jam plus 3 boiled eggs and coffee

Niklas will usually stick with his simple coffee and tablespoon of peanut butter or coconut oil, but when I spoke with him he didn’t have running plans that morning and sent me an image of his breakfast for that day.

Boil your eggs and peel them. Simply make your cheese on toast the way you love it and add your favourite jam. then whilst your listening to the cheese sizzle under the grill – boil up a hot cup of coffee!

Here’s a great photo of Niklas making a coffee with his long run coffee kit during one of his latest runs. It features a Firebox Nano Stove (the fire thing) and the coffee thing is a Primus Terra Kettle. The cup is called a Kupilka!

long distance run coffee kit
Niklas’ long distance run coffee kit

What does a climbing athlete eat for breakfast?

It’s not easy to categorise Fanny into one particular sport; she does obstacle course racing, climbing, general fitness training and she’s even a ninja! Her videos are what I consider some of the best on Instagram for entertainment and inspiration. You can follow her at @fanny_josefine

For breakfast, Fanny enjoys overnight oats with berries or a green smoothie bowl with drinking water + Nocco.

Green Smoothie Bowl

green smoothie bowl - climbing athlete's breakfast
Fanny’s green smoothie bowl

Fanny says It feels like I have energy to start the day and doing a workout when I have these foods for breakfast.

A green smoothie bowl is made up of spinach, mango, greens from Puori, lime, lemon, ginger and banana. This incredible recipe of super-foods is sure to power anybody through a workout!

Eating the right breakfast will surely help you compete at your best level

As we’ve seen, various athletes from a wide range of sports eat widely different breakfasts from toast and bagels to green smoothies. When you see what these guys can do it’s pretty evident that as long as what your eating feels right for you then you really can’t go wrong.

What’s interesting is that oats, nuts and seeds do tend to crossover many of our athlete’s breakfasts. If you’re not quite sure where to start then this sort of breakfast would be a great first option. If you want to know more about eating the right stuff then check out eating for energy – an article we covered a while back on the blog!

If you’re an athlete and would like to contribute your breakfast then please get in touch for more details alan@foodblogs.co.uk

You can follow my fitness journey on Instagram too @foodblogsuk

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