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Why Write For Us At Food Blogs UK?

Promoting your food blogs with us means that you can write an article, make a video or contribute to the Food Blogs UK website and help build awareness to your blog; showcasing your food skills to the masses! We are looking for talented and passionate food bloggers with fresh, unique and awesome guest contributions to collate the best of the best in food blogging around the world.

If this kind of food blogger sounds like you, we’ll probably accept your guest post or contribution anyway so don’t worry about trying to win us over in an email, you probably have already.

Write For Us Guidelines

We are happy to hear from anybody regarding food stuff for Food Blogs UK, however we are looking for that special something. If your blog is not accepted then it doesn’t mean you won’t ever appear on Food Blogs UK so keeping trying us with your cool, creative and captivating ideas. Our aim is to set the standard by offering our readers only the very best.

There aren’t many rules to write for us but they are important – Please read*

1) Your blog will be promoted with a link to your own site so that your work is acknowledged and our readers know where to find more great food stuff from you. You will need a website or somewhere online where peeps can find you!!

2) Please send us your ideas and work that has not been published anywhere else online. We’ll do a check for duplicated content and if it isn’t completely original we cannot accept your post. Your contribution must be your work and Food Blogs UK holds all rights to freely use the material once posted on our site.

3) Pictures speak a thousand words. If you’re sending in a recipe or write up then please provide either your own photographs for the post or at least one picture that you have the right to use or is allowed under creative commons and is royalty free.

4) You don’t have to have a blog to post however, we’ll link back to a social profile of yours, whereby our readers can follow your foodie blogging antics.

5) Have some fun. Yes rules are usually boring, but we’d like to go against the grain with this one and let your personality shine in your contribution. We love laughing as much as we love food so, even if you dropped some dishes or burnt your broccoli, don’t cover it up, share your kitchen nightmares with us too!

Getting Your Guest Post Accepted

Send us an email with your foodie thoughts or fill out the form below with what you want to promote. If we like the sound of your suggestion we’ll let you know.

P.S. John and Alan are sometimes a little bit forgetful so if we haven’t got back to you within a week, please remind us of our bad memories and resend your email. We look forward to your suggestions.

We all need some foodie inspiration sometimes. Click here for topic suggestions or take a look at our food articles for more ideas for your contribution to Food Blogs UK.

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